Call of Duty Warzone: Players Unhappy with Playlist Update

Call of Duty Warzone: Players Unhappy with Playlist Update thumbnail

Call of Duty: Warzone season 4 is live now and in full swing. This new season has not seen any major map changes but has sure got some pretty interesting little stuff (the “submarine” shadow and the strange blue light, anyone?).

Yesterday, Infinity Ward posted a tweet announcing a playlist update in the game. Call of Duty: Warzone has got a new game mode now called the ‘Realism Battle Royale (Quads)’ in its latest playlist update. This will be temporarily replacing the ‘Batlle Royale (Quads)’ mode, although the regular Battle Royale option is still available in other variants such as solo, trio, and so on.

This weekend’s playlist update for #Warzone is now live across all platforms! Jump into Realism Battle Royale (Quads). This temporarily replaces Battle Royale Quads.

— Infinity Ward (@InfinityWard) June 19, 2020

A lot of players, including a lot of pros, have expressed their displeasure on Twitter.

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Realism BR features a more realistic combat experience in Warzone

This mode is basically what the name suggests: it is a realistic battle royale experience. This game mode implements certain restrictions to make the game more realistic. For starters, the player does not get a hit market or a notification saying he/she has either killed or downed a player. The players will have to keep an eye out in their in-game environment.

Headshots do a lot more damage in this mode. This is also kept following the realistic gameplay. There will still be buying stations and the players can still access their mini-map.

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Pros are hating the decision of mode replacement

Since Infinity Ward’s announcement on Twitter, a lot of pros have been hating this decision. It is not because they do not like this new game mode, but because the quads version of the regular Battle Royale got removed in the process, although temporarily.

‘CouRage’ replied to Infinity Ward’s tweet saying that this decision means that the squads will now have to kick their 4th player if they want to play the regular Battle Royale mode. A lot of others raised the point that the devs could just add another game mode instead of getting a stable game mode replaced with it.

— Kross (@Kross) June 19, 2020

The replacement is temporary, and the regular Battle Royale Quads mode will soon be back online. But a lot of players say that it was not worth replacing the fan-favorite stable one. What are your thoughts on the Realism Battle Royale on Warzone?

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