Bring your TV’s audio back to life with a Bose soundbar

Bring your TV's audio back to life with a Bose soundbar thumbnail

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The stylish design is available in black or white.
The stylish design is available in black or white.

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By Veronika KeroMashable Shopping

TL;DR: Upgrade your listening experience with Bose soundbars and bass modules for up to $100 off on Amazon.  

“Can you make it louder?” is something we’ve all definitely said at least once while watching TV. You can’t blame your flatscreen for not having the best audio system — I mean, where do you expect them to put it with the screens getting thinner and thinner by the year? What you can do is add a soundbar to your entertainment setup. 

Soundbars are meant to enhance your TV’s sound so you can hear everything from an explosion to a pin drop. These Bose soundbars (two of which are on sale for $699 and $499) get the job done while also blending seamlessly into your decor with their tempered-glass top and sleek wraparound metal grill. 

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Besides your favorite show, you can also blast your favorite song from your phone or tablet with the soundbar’s Bluetooth connectivity. You can use your Alexa or Google Assistant to control the sound, and don’t worry, Bose built in eight noise-rejecting microphones to assure that your voice is picked up no matter what room you’re in. 

If you’re loving the sound of all this but aren’t sure that Bose really has what it takes to give you the sound you want, you can add on a bass module that is meant to bring even deeper and more dramatic bass to the audio. (Two are on sale for $599 and $349).

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