Borderlands 3 Players Use Tricks To Farm For Awesome New Sniper Rifle

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The ultimate reward for completing the latest seasonal event in Borderlands 3 is a special sniper rifle called the Wedding Invitation. The game limits every character to just one of these legendary weapons, however, so players are taking some drastic measures to find the version with the best stats and bonuses before the event ends tomorrow morning.

In a game as gun-bloated as Borderlands 3, it’s odd to think of a small handful ruling the roost, but that’s just what happens when players manage to reach the level cap. With no more skill points to worry about, gear becomes incredibly important. Players are constantly looking to combine the right SMG or shield with their chosen character build, like sommeliers deciding wine pairings. This is even more vital when the developers decide to nerf and buff the game’s firearms behind the scenes, turning the process into a never-ending search for perfection.

What makes Borderlands 3’s Wedding Invitation such a beast is that it works with a variety of builds across the four playable characters. Its damage and fire rate are decent, but what really makes it shine are its special attributes. Every legendary weapon has a bit of red text in the stat box that details its unique qualities. In the Wedding Invitation’s case, “Will you be the rest of my life?” refers to its high incendiary damage. Its bullets also have a chance to return to the magazine on critical hits, explode, and ricochet to multiple targets with added cryo damage.

The ongoing event in Borderlands 3, Broken Hearts Day, is all about finding floating hearts in the world and shooting them. Shoot enough and you move up a list of rewards, topping out at the Wedding Invitation. There isn’t a special area to visit like the Halloween event from a few months ago, but players have found that the sniper rifle waiting for them at the end more than makes up for it. The only downside is that the Wedding Invitation reward is limited to one per character, forcing players to find workarounds for scoring more during the limited event.

While any Wedding Invitation is good, they aren’t all created equal. It’s always possible to find a better version due to the way Borderlands 3 randomizes every gun’s stats within a range. Farming for Wedding Invitations is key if you’re looking for a specific anointment, which is an attribute that can randomly be attached to guns and provide further bonuses to stats when certain requirements are met, such as using your character’s unique action skill. It’s pretty easy to reroll the gun reward if you’re on PC: back up a save from before being rewarded with the Wedding Invitation, finish the quest, and then replace the save should you not get the anointment or stats you want.

Things get a little trickier when it comes to consoles, but the Borderlands 3 subreddit has various options if you play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The simplest way is to create a secondary account with a new character and play split-screen; hearts will count toward your party, rewarding your secondary character with the Wedding Invitation at the end. If the new gun has better stats than the old one, you can transfer it to your main character. This also means you’ll have to create a new Vault Hunter for every chance at a Wedding Invitation. There are also rumblings that this method has already been patched out, so your mileage may vary.

Console players also have the ability to mess around with cloud saves by going offline before opening the Wedding Invitation reward, deleting their system save, and reconnecting to the online service to farm for the legendary sniper rifle, but these methods could mess up your saves, so use them at your own risk.

While I’m bummed that some of my favorite Borderlands 3 weapons haven’t survived the nerfhammer, it’s great that even short events like Broken Hearts Day are serving up new toys to play with. The Wedding Invitation is an absolute beast that, unlike previously popular long-range weapons like the Lyuda, actually feels like a sniper rifle. I’m only praying that it survives a few updates before possibly getting scaled down.

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