Behold the Cyberphone, a titanium iPhone inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck

Behold the Cyberphone, a titanium iPhone inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck thumbnail

By Stan Schroeder

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Russia’s Caviar is known for lavish, extremely expensive iPhone modifications, but its new product will turn heads for different reasons.

It’s called the Cyberphone, and yes, it’s an iPhone mod with a design inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck. 

Behold the Cyberphone, a titanium iPhone inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck

Image: Caviar

Well that's...different.

Well that’s…different.

Image: Caviar

It’s essentially an iPhone 11 Pro inside a titanium case that protects it from all sides. On the front, there’s a titanium screen protector that folds into a holder that props up the phone vertically when placed on a flat surface. 

It doesn’t appear to be very practical, but it probably does offer pretty strong protection for your phone — though Caviar’s promo video (below) seems to make fun of the product by including Elon Musk’s Cybertruck window fail alongside copy that says “absolute screen protection.”

The 64GB Cyberphone starts at $5,256, and only 99 units will be made. If you’re interested, you pre-order it over at Caviar’s website

At first glance, the Cyberphone seems pretty insane, but it’s a smart play on two extremely popular brands — Apple and Tesla. Caviar is probably betting that there are enough fans of both the iPhone and Cybertruck to generate interest, and it’s probably right. 

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