Apple now offers iPhone repairs in the comfort of your home

Apple now offers iPhone repairs in the comfort of your home thumbnail

Apple has started offering a new repair service where one of its authorized service providers will come to your home or office to repair your device. The service, which was first spotted by MacRumors, can be accessed through Apple’s support site, where under certain circumstances you’ll now see an onsite repair option in addition to the existing instore and mail-in services. “In select locations, onsite service may be available,” Apple’s support page reads.

The repairs are being offered via Go Tech Services, whose website lists it as an Apple Authorized Service Provider. At present, the company’s website says its repair services can only be booked via Apple’s support site.

The onsite repair option is accessed under the “Schedule a Repair” button.
Screenshot by Jon Porter / The Verge

The onsite repair service seems to be limited at the moment. MacRumors notes that it is currently available in six cities across the US; San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas. It also only seems to cover certain kinds of repairs. When browsing through Apple’s support site, we found the repair option listed for iPhone screen repairs, but it did not seem to be available for other devices like iMacs, or for other kinds of iPhone repairs like battery replacements. Apple also notes than an “onsite visit fee” may be charged in addition to the regular repair cost. We’ve contacted Apple to ask for more details on the service.

This isn’t the first time Apple has offered onsite repairs, but AppleCare for Enterprise is only available for organizations with devices numbering in the thousands. The limited number of repair options and extra fees mean onsite repairs won’t be for everyone, but it’s nice to have the option when you need it.

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