Apple Has Blocked Clearview AI’s iPhone App for Violating Its Rules

Apple Has Blocked Clearview AI's iPhone App for Violating Its Rules thumbnail

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Apple Has Blocked Clearview AI’s iPhone App for Violating Its Rules (



from the privacy-woes dept.

An iPhone app built by controversial facial recognition startup Clearview AI has been blocked by Apple, effectively banning the app from use. From a report: Apple confirmed to TechCrunch that the startup “violated” the terms of its enterprise program. The app allows its users — which the company claims it serves only law enforcement officers — to use their phone camera or upload a photo to search its database of three billion photos. But BuzzFeed News revealed that the company — which claims to only cater to law enforcement users — also includes many private sector users, including Macy’s, Walmart, and Wells Fargo. Clearview AI has been at the middle of a media — and legal — storm since its public debut in The New York Times last month. The company scrapes public photos from social media sites, drawing ire from the big tech giants which claim Clearview AI misused their services. But it’s also gained attention from hackers. On Wednesday, Clearview AI confirmed a data breach, in which its client list was stolen.

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