Apex Legends gets a new limited-time game mode next week

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A new limited-time event is coming to Apex Legends next week. System Override will run from March 3rd to March 17th and brings with it the new game mode, Deja Loot, some new equipment and new cosmetics.

In Deja Loot, all loot will respawn at the same location throughout the System Override event. The plane path and circle locations will also be fixed. However, these will change each day. According to a post over on the Apex Legends website, the reason for this is “to create a short term meta shake-up.” You will know where all the best loot is located but so will everybody else. For the first week of the event, Deja Loot will take place on World’s Edge. For the second, players will be heading back to Kings Canyon.

There’s also a new piece of equipment being introduced to the game. The Evo Shield starts out weak, but as you do damage to other players, it can become stronger than Epic Body Shields. Colour changes to the shield will denote the strength of the new item, and progress carries over from person to person. The Evo Shield will be exclusive to the Deja Loot game mode, but the developers are considering adding it to all matches in the future.

What limited-time event wouldn’t be complete without new cosmetics? There’s an exclusive event prize track that features two new Legendary Weapon skins and 24 event-limited premium cosmetic items obtainable through either System Override Event Packs or by making a purchase. If you unlock all 24, you’ll get the Octane Heirloom set for free.

The System Override event will run from March 3rd to March 17th.

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